Sansar, the new Linden Lab® platform, has opened its doors to the public for 20 days. From the opening day (31/07/2017), users’ comments contrasted: who appreciate graphics, who criticize it because it ‘s hard to use (long wait times to load experiences, a different import system from SL, then to study it, etc.).

As a virtual world explorer, traveler, I love to get my character out of Second Life® to let her know new things. Of course, my research focused on artistic experiences (at least as the first experiences to visit). Among them, my favorite is undoubtedly M2D Organica by Mario2 Helstein.

Very different forms reside in the same artistic environment, finding harmony and balance in it. Videos on this beautiful art installation are many; I wanted first to share the author’s direct from his Youtube channel.

Knowing what the difficulties in creating and scripting in Sansar are, I appreciate the work of this artist also for this reason.
The installation of Mario2 Helstein in Sansar is extraordinary because of his ability to adapt to the new platform and to create an artistic creation that people highly appreciate for its extreme realism (it seems, even without using VR, to “touch “the displayed forms). For this reason, I suggest, even to Sansar’s most skeptics, to visit this experience: Sansar has many potentialities, even if few can take full advantage of it.

Finally, Mario2 Helstein also had an impressive Second Life Marketplace Store, that sells particles, effects, fantasy items, avatars, mesh, and art.

His biography:

Mario2 takes digital art to the innovative extreme in SL. He dedicated his SL time to creating. focusing from 2010 on Light-Art, and started the M2D group ( Mario2 Design) and opened a small shop. Then Mario2 started the open group M2D Creations for notices about the shows. He worked tirelessly evolving and developing his own unique, creative style. Mario2’s combinations of form, light, texture and movement are totally original. Sometimes expressed as mesh sculptures, sometimes in combination with his own explosive, immersive presentations of music, particles, and mesh to create awesome light shows. Like all great Spanish artists, his emphasis is on dramatic and beautiful, light and colour. Everything he creates is alive with it.


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