After the awe-inspiring success of their previous installation, “Natthimmel: Journey Back in Time to the Neolithic Era,” artists Konrad (kaiju.kohime) and Saskia Rieko surprise and invite us to embark on a new expedition. Brace yourself for an extraordinary adventure as we delve into the captivating world of “Mission Status Report: Gliese 518e ExoPlanet Expedition.” In this immersive experience, we unravel the background, mission origin, and the perplexing status of the Rocinante crew.

Take a leap into the year 2005 when the Observatory of Geneva and Grenoble University made groundbreaking discoveries of exoplanets orbiting the M-class red dwarf star Gliese 518. Among them, Gliese 581d and 581g emerged as the primary candidates to harbor life, igniting the curiosity of astrophysicists and astrobiologists. However, subsequent findings unveiled them as false positives, shifting the focus to the innermost planet, Gliese 581e, despite initial skepticism about its habitability.

Learn about the visionary thinkers who advocated for an expedition to Gliese 518, leading to the authorization of the UESS Rocinante research mission by the United Earth’s Intersolar Space Program. Delve into the meticulous crew selection, training, and the construction of the Rocinante, the vessel designated to transport the research team to Gliese 581e. Discover the multidisciplinary crew, led by renowned astro-mathematician Dr. Saskia Selden, and their mission to unravel the mysteries of the exoplanet.

Unveil the suspenseful turn of events as the Rocinante approaches Gliese 581e. Encounter the unexpected and disconcerting silence when the crew misses their scheduled check-in with mission control. Journey alongside Dr. Selden as she initiates efforts to locate the Rocinante and access crucial flight data and mission logs through the Ansible Galactic Communications System. Discover the fragmented data stream that hints at emergency landings, malfunctions, and unexplained phenomena.

Navigate through the limited evidence and data available to piece together the fate of the Rocinante and its crew. Encounter vivid hallucinations, potential crash landings, and the enigmatic appearance of alien beings reminiscent of Earth’s extinct marine creatures. Unravel the mysteries that defy conventional understanding and ponder the existence of alternate dimensions. Contemplate the implications of life forms thriving against all odds on Gliese 581e’s supposedly inhospitable terrain.

Consider the urgent need for a salvage/rescue mission, despite the slim possibility of finding survivors. Explore the vital importance of further investigation into the causes of the mission failure and the nature of the peculiar ecosystem on Gliese 581e. Contemplate the boundaries of scientific understanding and the potential breakthroughs awaiting those daring enough to unravel the mysteries of this uncharted exoplanet.

Witness the extraordinary collaborative effort of Saskia Rieko and Konrad as they bring this thought-provoking and immersive experience to life. Konrad’s meticulous building and textures paired with Saskia’s visionary concepts and ideas create a seamless fusion of art and exploration.

Join us in this thrilling journey as we unveil the secrets of the Gliese 518e ExoPlanet Expedition. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable exploration of the unknown and the blurring boundaries between science, imagination, and the possibilities that lie beyond our wildest dreams.

Teleport to “Mission Status Report: Gliese 518e ExoPlanet Expedition.”

Concept and ideas Saskia Rieko & Konrad (kaiju.kohime)
Building, textures by Konrad (kaiju.kohime)

Blog by Violet Boa, PR Representative

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