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It seems that LL is looking for quality content to enrich its community feeds as well as its social media.
So, if you are a blogger, you might find this initiative very interesting.
In summary, this is the news published yesterday on the Community page dedicated to featured news.
The call to bloggers is expressed to be attractive, especially for whose looking for traffic to bring to their site.

Useful Links

Are you a Second Life blogger that is looking to expand your reach to a wider audience? If so, then you’ll want to consider opting in to join the new Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN). 

This new community initiative aims to promote high-quality, independent blog content to the Second Life community via high-visibility channels including the Second Life Community pages, social media channels and eventually the Official Second Life Viewer login page. Examples of the type of content we wish to promote include how-to tutorials, fashion makeovers and/or looks, community and event news and destination walk-throughs.

The Second Life Blogger Network aims to drive traffic directly to your own blog via summaries of and links to curated posts selected from participating bloggers including the use of a brief text intro using the opening sentences of your post and usually one related image from the post. Readers will be directed to click through a link that directs them to your site to read the entire article or blog post.

Linden Lab, From Featured News

How do you join and be included LL’s Feed reading by a Staff member every day?
Simple, fill out the submission form and send it.

Once this you’ve done, don’t expect any response from LL, because whoever fills out the form will be part of the Feeds checked every day by LL.
And if I join, but my content is not promoted on the Second Life Community?
If you want to read your post on the SL Community, make sure, before publishing, that the text and images comply with the Guidelines provided by LL.

When you submit the form to LL, you accept the Terms and Conditions imposed by LL, and you transfer the rights to publish your content, even if modified, to LL.

How often does LL promote content from independent bloggers?

Linden Lab staffers will frequently review posts from participating bloggers. While not all of your new posts will be selected each day, we do aim to promote several entries during the week from the pool of participating bloggers.

Linden Lab, From Featured News

It is important to remember that joining the initiative does not represent a partnership between LL and the incoming bloggers. Therefore bloggers are invited to continue their independent promotional activity on separate channels, such as BVN (Blogger and VLogger Network), for example.

How did the idea of a Network for Bloggers come about?
Gathering information from other bloggers, I learned that some bloggers participated in developing this project together with LL. Among them, first of all, Inara Pey.

If you join, you could be interested to grab the badge and learn about guidelines for placement here.

What do I think? I think it’s a great idea, which will allow several bloggers to get traffic to their site.
However, I admit that I believe that the purpose that should animate should not be the traffic. Instead should be the genuine willingness to enrich the Community with good content, regardless of whether this content generates more or less traffic.
We know that quality content does not always generate high traffic; much depends on the subject matter. To give an example, quality content on the subject of Fashion certainly brings more traffic than quality content on the topic of Art. However, in my opinion, both of them deserve to be valued.
Only as the project evolves will there be answers about the content that will be promoted. LL has already declared the topics of their primary interest.

Examples of the type of content we wish to promote include how-to tutorials, fashion makeovers and/or looks, community and event news and destination walk-throughs.

Linden Lab, From Featured News

To conclude, join and good luck!

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