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Fantasy, color and spirituality lovers will fall in love with Soosh Art Gallery, space entirely dedicated to Roxlette Resident‘s artistic work (Rox Soosh).
The environment is rich in colors, relaxing spaces and in harmony with the soul, fantasy places that leave room for imagination and creativity.
It is in this “space” of total relaxation that you appreciate the work of the artist Roxlette, which is presented to the visitor with these words:

I love to express myself spiritually through my art and I love sharing it with the world. I am known to create multi-layered colourful abstract pieces using healing crystals and a variety of vibrant and neutral colours. I think there is beauty and powerful energy in using crystals and many colours. Every detail I create and use has meaning and I hope to connect with others through my artwork.

Roxlette is, therefore, an artist also in RL, with experience and artistic studies behind.
There are many RL artists who like to create and share their experiences in Second Life®.
Virtual worlds are suitable for artistic creation, allowing creativity to express themselves to the best. Creation is complex, however, SL® allows the artist to embellish spaces in many ways, creating a virtual “frame” suitable for exposed works.
Roxlette loves abstract colors and shapes. She also plays with shapes, framing colors in particular shapes.

Visiting the gallery you notice this contrast between the ground floor and the first floor. On the ground floor we admire her abstract paintings filled with many bright colors; in the foreground, those abstract shapes and colors are the background of well-defined forms of a different type.

These works are suited to the fantasy sim interior and devoted to spirituality because they give a shade of color and art that is well matched with these themes.

You can buy Roxlette’s work and admire her creations by giving you moments of pure relaxation.





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