More or less, we all know Studio 54, the craziest disco of all time.

Studio 54 was more than a disco, it was a social study, and that’s probably why no one has ever been able to recreate anything like it.

Ian Schrager

The founders of Studio 54 were Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell, business partners in 1977. They invented this place to supplant every other club in New York and, until its premature failure in 1980, was the embodiment of excess, joie de vivre, freedom to express oneself and be oneself to the full.
In fact, Studio 54 was one of the first discotheques to establish the selection at the entrance, where kilometers of queues were created with the hope of being able to participate in what, since the inauguration, was considered an exclusive happening, where “if you weren’t there you were nobody.” From the first day, the success was such that not only did many women offer sexual favors to those at the door to get permission to enter, but even the celebrities who came in droves had to undergo a form of selection: there were regular guests such as Liza Minelli, Bianca Jagger, Andy Warhol, and then the more occasional guests such as Sylvester Stallone, Robert DeNiro, Truman Capote, Diana Ross, and even VIPs who had to pay for admission.

The reason why Studio 54 immediately managed to outdo its competitors and attract the crème de la crème was that it cleared the air of atmospheres and behaviors that until then had been relegated to gay clubs: the freedom to express one’s sexuality and to perform was combined with an idea of pure, unrestrained fun that was soon brought into Schrager and Rubell’s club, where the theatrical layout of the existing structure gave the dance floor the sense of a real stage where everyone, famous and not famous, as protagonists, and where anyone could express their extravagance as absolute normality.

Studio 54 now lands in Second Life with an opening worthy of its name: 12 hours of non-stop music from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM SLT today.

Jackson Redstar‘s video is an excellent representation of the spirit of Studio 54 and an excellent introduction to the new project, to whom we wish the best of luck.

Jackson’s Video

Teleport to Studio 54

Studio 54 Opening

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  1. This is fantastic! Missed the launch party, but went to check the club out and it was empty. Would you have their event schedule? Would love to party here, been looking for a good club.

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