Dear Art Lovers, 

 My dear friend, Lex Machine is back in Second Life & he manages again to fascinate us with his new engaging art installations,

“Kids These Days”

“This build came to me while looking at the world and how different it was from my own childhood. Kids these days, they are politicized, trafficked for sex and slave labor, forced into surgical decisions before they even know what courses they wish to take in college.

The life of kids these days is a pretty little nightmare we have made for them.”Lex Machine

The great magic of Lex Machine’s art installations derives from the topics he tackles, and the emotional reactions they provoke.

His topics are provocative – and he leads us to question our values and habits, our focus and knowledge, and so much more.

Lex conquers our hearts in a significant way that can both open and frighten us at the same time…. even if we seem to be masters of hiding or self-deception, we cannot escape the consequences of our actions and inactions.

With his art installations, Lex always manages to hold up the mirror of time to our eyes, demonstrating and presenting the world he sees and feels in front of him.

Clever and emphatic transformation elements – on a level that touches us deeply – perhaps awaken our painful memories and yet, also inspire us with their beauty.

The installation is open now for the public,

and I extend a cheerful welcome for the beauty of Lex´s art!

Teleport to “Kids These Days”

– ᄂᄐҲ ϺΔ대Ιᄁᄐ (archetype11.nova) – Creator of “Kids These Days” & “NUMB”– Flickr – Flickr Group ONLY Shutter Thugs Sim Photography

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