Yesterday, June 27, 2019, Xiola and Strawberry Linden met with the public with Saffia Widdershins and Patch Linden.
Saffia and Patch asked several questions to the two Linden experts in Social Media and Content Marketing.
Among the various topics covered, the importance of videos emerged.

The importance of video

The video is immediate, captures attention, and allows a quick understanding of what you are saying. This aspect is especially true for tutorials.
The conversation lasted just over an hour, and the topics covered were different.
The differences between the way of organizing live events compared to last year, the importance of bloggers and vloggers, the dissemination of content in Social (the importance of Plurk which is the social most considered by users of Second Life) and tips especially for those who open a blogger.
I admit that being Italian, during the evening, I struggled a lot to understand the conversation. I completely understood only today, thanks to the help of YouTube subtitles.

Advice For New Bloggers/Vloggers

Returning to the subject of advice for new bloggers and vloggers, one aspect that has emerged is to stay in touch with the community. So knowing what the community is interested in, what the community is facing every day, what the needs, expectations, and so on are is the first step to blogging. It means meeting a people’s request, being useful and confronting others.
Blogging in this way is stimulating because it allows you to feel useful in a specific context and at the same time gives satisfaction in terms of traffic.
I have always thought that the best marketing techniques are not SEO or other strategies such as paying sponsorship of Facebook Pages.
The best strategy is the simplest: to give an answer to the community’s question. And go having to do so, gradually on every topic.
Strawberry Linden (better known as Strawberry Singh) surprised me last night by saying that she didn’t understand why she was successful in blogging. I always thought, instead, that she had a targeted strategy, carried out with caution over the years.
That’s because the strategy, conscious or unaware that it was, was there.
Each of her posts satisfies a need. Even today, if I have to choose a mesh head and there’s a video of Berry, first of all, I find out about her blog. I save time and make more informed purchases.
So, having an informative blog should be the goal of every blogger/vlogger.
I see a lot of content on Second Life, some made with great professionalism. However, many videos fall into one of these two categories:

  • self-celebrating post/videos
  • post/video advertising

The real way to help the platform is to help its community. Doing this will give you a lot of satisfaction in terms of traffic.
Surely some nuances have escaped me because of the language, I ask forgiveness.

The LIVE Video Interview

Useful Links to Stay in Touch With The Community

Second Life Community Forums

Second Life Discord Servers to Join

How to use Discord (For SL users)

What I say before? Here is a nice tutorial by Strawberry Singh.

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